Winter Weary

Are we all in agreement that this winter has tested our patience, endurance and good will? Snow, ice, high winds, freakishly low temperatures – you name it, we got it. Cabin fever has set in. Expressly manifested with bouts of grumpiness.

I’ve heard from many that they’re going stir crazy as even winter walks are hampered by dangerous terrains of ice and bitterly cold temperatures. So what’s a person to do? Take heart.

For one thing, we are past the half-way point of the season. Doesn’t sound encouraging enough? Observe how the days are lengthening – the sun is setting later every day. The light at the end of the long winter tunnel is distinctly visible. We are headed towards it!

At the beginning of winter didn’t you have a list of sorts of all the things you hoped to do in the ‘quiet’ months? I did. Well? How has it been going? Not as well I’d hoped. I started off okay but then I allowed a certain apathy to set in and did not accomplish as much. With just about six weeks to go till we officially transit to spring, I am determined shake off the lethargy.

A week ago, I placed my plant order at my local nursery. This is only necessary if one needs a large number of a particular plant or something very special. Otherwise, just keep a list going and purchase as soon as the nurseries are ready with their season’s inventory. But get that list done! Right away.

Seed orders can be placed now. Peruse the catalogs and websites. Decide what you’d like to try out this year, plan on repeat favorites too. While you’re at it, get all the supplies you need for seed starting. Growth medium, seed trays, Gro-lights etc., Have tools sharpened. Replace lost or broken ones. Draw up plans and designs for new beds and gardens. Take note of all the steps needed to make them a reality. In other words get yourself as ready as you can. Once the thaw occurs, you will be prepared to move into the garden at once.

How about the reading you thought you’d get done by the fireside? It’s not too late. I’ve started making inroads into the stack of tomes I’d set aside as well as the few scientific papers I thought would be interesting. Nothing like emerging from the depths of winter feeling a bit smarter. Consider all the impressive pearls of wisdom one could drop at summer soirées.

You did say you were going to eat healthy this year right? Maybe grow some of your own veggies? What are you waiting for? Work out plans for a potager – start simple. Maybe just salad greens, Swiss chard and herbs. Research and try out recipes. Focus on a few for each season so you are eating in rhythm with nature. Use the snowbound days to get into this habit. There are plenty of delicious, healthy, easy recipes available on the Internet.

Looking ahead to events and deadlines for projects, this is an excellent period to tackle all the small details that often get overlooked in the rush that occurs nearer those dates. Vacation plans and reservations, graduation/anniversary celebrations, upcoming lecture and exhibit commitments ( think slides to choose to present, making archival prints to offer at the exhibit, contact list for publicity, new business cards), subscription and membership renewals to organizations that enrich our lives, schedule meetings and appointments for ongoing projects, potential projects, physicals and other routine check ups, research big purchases to be made in the near future such as cars, appliances and homes, get a head start on taxes. See? There is plenty to keep one fully occupied! And super-organized at the end. Don’t forget to thank me at that time.

So as the snow continues to come down soft and furious, I’m deeply grateful for this span of weeks to do the things I complain I never have the time to do right. Watch out spring, here I come!

NYC spokesperson

NYC spokesperson

(c)2015 Shobha Vanchiswar

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