To Suhr With Love

With Henriette
Today, March 17, 2015, I lost a cherished friend and mentor. Henriette Suhr passed away. She died quietly and quickly – exactly as she would’ve wanted. At 98, Henriette had lived a long, very full life. She was prepared and unafraid to die. Her passing will not lead to a funeral or anything traditional because that would not be in accord with her style. A celebration is in order. A party to rejoice in her life and what she meant to all those who knew her.

For each of us, the loss is very personal and at the same time, one that we can all relate to. We understand so well the enormous impact Henriette had on everybody.

I met Henriette twenty-five years ago. A mutual friend thought we ought to meet. I’m forever indebted to that friend. Henriette and her beautiful, beloved Rocky Hills became an integral part of my life. Simply being with her as she went about doing whatever needed doing taught me valuable lessons. She led by example. Everything Henriette did, she did with her unique blend of grace, elegance, artistry, fierce determination and, practicality. Her incredible intelligence combined with a dry sense of humor became her hallmark.

To paraphrase Isaac Newton, if I have gardened further than others, it is because I garden standing on the shoulders of giants. Henriette was one of those giants. But it was not just garden lessons she taught, she showed me how to live.

Henriette took with her a piece of my heart. Rest in peace dear friend. I raise a glass of whiskey and soda to you.
To read about Rocky Hills – click here
(c)2015 Shobha Vanchiswar

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5 thoughts on “To Suhr With Love

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. However, it was an honor for you to have sat at her knee and had her friendship. You are blessed and I know that you will celebrate her rich and long life.

  2. So sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose a dear friend. May all the wonderful memories ease your sadness. Thinking of you


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