Love At First Sight

Tweet Have you ever had the experience of encountering a place that immediately finds a home in your heart? When you feel inspired and energized by the promise it holds? On the morning of October 5, 2012, thats exactly what … Continue reading

Still In Love!

Tweet Almost two years ago, I fell in love with Untermyer Gardens. See Love At First Sight for an account of that visit. I’d been intending to go back but somehow, busy schedules and events got in the way until … Continue reading

It’s Not Always Fun And Games

Tweet β€œThe mango tree that bears the most fruit is the one most hit by rocks.” – Sister Meena, Mukta Jivan Ashram. February 2018 As a child growing up in India, I remember keeping an eye on the fruit ripening … Continue reading

A New Year, A New Day

Tweet A brand new year. A clean slate. I look forward to it just as I used to approach a new notebook in grade school. The crisp, blank pages. The smell of new paper. Full of opportunities. Another chance to … Continue reading

The Scent Of A Flower

Tweet Every now and then, there occurs an event that lifts us out of our routine, somewhat self-absorbed lives and reminds us that there is a bigger, incredibly fascinating universe of which we are just a tiny part. Events that … Continue reading

Rejoice In Everything!

Tweet Once again, it’s that time of year when the buzz is all about new year resolutions. Humanity’s eternal quest to be given a new chance at becoming and doing better. Find a new job/ lose weight/ train for a … Continue reading

Planting Bulbs With Henriette

Tweet On Friday, October 23, 2015, about 1,500 bulbs were planted in memory of Henriette Suhr. The weather was perfect for this project – sunny with a seasonal chill. In clear view of the hills blazing fall’s russet and ochre … Continue reading


Tweet I love surprises. Not the scare-me-out-of-my-skin sort of surprises but more like the sweet, unexpected, put a smile on the face kind. Applying a sense of humor tempered with ingenuity results in the best kind of unanticipated joy. It … Continue reading

Getting To Know You

Tweet What are the things you absolutely cannot live without? I’m asking things not people. Yes, air, water and food are obvious but those are not what I’m asking about. Nor do pictures of your loved ones count. Think about … Continue reading

Summer – A Seasonal Paean Or Pain?

Tweet Swelter, scorch, steam, sizzle, Burn, blister, boil, broil Frizzle, fried, feverish, fiery Humid, hazy, hellish, hot Summer is here Winter is not. To be perfectly honest, for the most part, I can skip summer. Its true. I succumb very … Continue reading