April Foul!

Like a protracted bad joke, April has unleashed really bizarre weather on us. The thermometer rose to mid-70’s on the 1st and then, by the night of the 2nd, we witnessed thunder, lightening, rain and then a good dose of snow. Presently, it feels a whole lot like winter. My patience is being tested. Enough already!

The forsythia and sweet early bulbs were out brightening the spring landscape. The daffodils had begun trumpeting. All over town the magnolias were in fine, blousy form. The scene was set for the season to unfold. Lo and behold! The villain arrived – unscripted and not in cast. As I look outside, the small jewel-like flowers no longer twinkle. The daffodils appear a tad beat up and frozen in time. But the magnolias are totally done for – the blooms lay strewn like used coffee filters. Only the forsythia, bless their hardy hearts, are valiantly holding the fort.

For a gardener with just about a month to get her garden ready for Open Day, I’m feeling the pressure. This sudden spell of winter has set me back by at least a week. Toss in other non-garden related obligations and you can understand my frustration. For one who generally sees the glass as half-full, I’m trying really hard to stay relaxed. I have to believe that the weather will begin to cooperate, I’ll get my tasks done, the plants will be on their best behavior and all will be right on May 7.

On the up side, at least I didn’t start bringing out plants from the greenhouse. When the weather was warm last week, it was tempting to do so and it would’ve been about the right time. Listening to the weatherman’s warning, all thoughts to get the plugs of cool weather vegetables in their freshly prepared plot were postponed and the young plants were hustled back under cover.

Being more protected, the window-boxes still look cheery. The same combination of pansies and daffodils in urns and pots situated more in the open are putting up a good fight. I think they’ll be just fine. On closer examination, I see that the scillas on the ground have not been defeated. Perhaps the somewhat bedraggled crocuses will also stage a comeback. I would very much like to see the minor bulbs get to play their full part in this spring performance. By Open Day, none of them will be in sight. Late bulbs and other perennials will be in bloom but, I personally derive much inspiration from the diminutive starters. Their courage to show up at a time when the weather is still erratic and risk everything for a brief shot at being center-stage is a lesson in carpe diem.

And there it is! My take home from the ridiculous antics of the weather – stay in the moment. It is all I’ve really got.

Note: If you haven’t already, mark your calender! Open Day is May 7. 10am – 4pm.

When you click on that link, you’ll note that Teatown Lake Reservation’s Wildflower Island opens for the season on that date. There will be a plant sale, music and other vendors to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their Plant Fest. Should be very fun.

I am very proud to be Teatown’s 2016 Wildflower Artist and Poet. Teatown will be printing note cards of my artwork and poem of the 2016 wildflower Helenium autumnale.

At my Open Day, a limited number of those note cards will be available for purchase.

I’m also busy planning a pop-up shop of my botanical themed products. Think Mother’s Day, baby showers, bridal showers, all sorts of celebrations, home decor projects, hostess and teacher gifts!

Enjoy these images of flowers before the cold hit them:








(c) 2016 Shobha Vanchiswar

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