The van den Bergs Visit The Children November 2015

My niece Brinda and her husband Daan visited the children at Mukta Jeevan in November 2015. I’m so thrilled that the van den Bergs have joined us Vanchiswars in this cause! See below for Brinda’s recount of their visit. Lots of photos too!

Here you go:

Earlier this week my husband and I had the privilege of visiting an ashram that took care of children and women infected with HIV. In addition, the ashram also looks after individuals who suffer from leprosy and destitute senior citizens. The whole ashram is run by sisters who come from the order “Servants of Mary”.

We got to spend a couple of hours with the children. All of the girls present there are orphans. Of course, it goes without saying that it broke my heart to know that these innocent and beautiful faces had all lost their parents. As an individual who has experienced the loss of a parent at a young age it hit real close to home.

However, I am utterly grateful for the existence of Mukta Jeevan, for they give all these girls a chance at life. It fills one’s heart with joy seeing them all happy and healthy. They sang and danced for us…. and my how they danced with such enthusiasm and expression!

In my mind I was thinking “Oh, I just want to hug them all and hope they don’t feel their loss.” But so many of them have known no other life as they have been at the ashram from babyhood. All that matters is that they have every single chance and opportunity at life, for they deserve it.

It was through my aunt Shobha, who has supported them for several years now, that we got to know of Mukta Jeevan. It is fair to say now that the ashram has become a family mission.  If time permits there is a visit to be made every year along with donations from near and dear friends.






Daan gets into moment!

Daan gets into the moment!



Brinda with the Sisters

Brinda with the Sisters

Daan and the Sisters

Daan and the Sisters



(c) 2015 Shobha Vanchiswar

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