In Nature’s Grace

Every once in a while, we have all experienced something that has felt extraordinary and surreal. Most often, these moments occur unexpectedly and yet, seem so fitting. Like omens or signs that inform us of the good and beauty in our lives and inspire us to do better. A spectacular sunset at the end of a long, hard day, a rainbow following a storm, the first time your baby’s fingers curl around your own. This past Saturday, I was graced with just such a serendipitous event.

There we were, a small group, enjoying the good weather in a friend’s beautiful garden. Over cocktails and small bites, summer trips and other doings were shared. Amidst much laughter and a general sense of well-being, we were in a blissful state of mind. This moment was as good as it gets. And then, the moment got exalted. A hummingbird chose to join us.

It flitted mostly between two pots of pink petunias situated quite close to where we were seated. Apparently unconcerned by our proximity, it permitted us to observe up close. I was in awe of how intimately I could watch it. Normally so quick to move and with fast beating wings blurring one’s vision, hummingbirds, have in the past, proved rather elusive. This was magical.

Not quite able to believe my good fortune, I went crazy with my camera. And still had time to simply watch and admire. That dainty, jewel toned bird hung around for very long. It then surprised us even further as it alighted on one particular member of our group. Twice. Whether it was because her pink pants or white shirt looked like the nearby petunias, who is to know. It still seemed as though she had been specifically anointed.

A little research later on explained that hummingbirds are not afraid of humans and. But I cannot think that what I’d been witness to was so ordinary. For a while there, we forgot ourselves and marveled at one of nature’s ethereal wonders. Our universal delight connected us together even further. Suddenly, we opened up more and got to discussing more personal philosophies. Each of us felt the value of the experience and were a bit transformed for the better. I was reminded once again that I’m divinely privileged to share this Earth with so many wondrous species. We are constantly surrounded by beauty but every now and then, Nature nudges us to truly pay attention. Life is fleeting, be present.

In my research, I came across this: Hummingbirds symbolize great courage, determination, flexibility and adaptability.
Those who have the hummingbird as a totem are invited to enjoy the sweetness of life, lift up negativity wherever it creeps in and express love more fully in their daily endeavors.

I have no idea what my totems are but, I’m perfectly willing to take up the above invitation. Only good can come of doing so.

It is my hope that in sharing the images below, the same good feelings and intentions are passed on to you:
Hummingbird 1
Hummingbird 2
Hummingbird 3
Hummingbird 4
Hummingbird 5
Hummingbird 6
Hummingbird  7
(c)2014 Shobha Vanchiswar

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3 thoughts on “In Nature’s Grace

  1. I know!–a hummingbird was browsing the Rose of Sharon outside my kitchen window a few weeks ago–I went off to work with a spring in my step because of that little marvel.

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