Thinking Spring In Fall

Thinking spring? Heck, this week sure feels like spring! And as if to defy the actual season underway, I have an iris in bloom. This plant has not bloomed in about three years. Seems as though it is staging its own version of a spring awakening. As puzzling as it might be, I’m thrilled to see the pale lilac hued flowers. Perhaps its cousins planted alongside that had inexplicably gone AWOL as well, will also make a comeback next year. I’ve missed these beauties and was only recently wondering if I ought to give up and order their replacements. I guess I’ll hold off that shopping spree.

The standard of three intertwined hibiscus is still flowering sweetly so instead of taking it into the greenhouse, I’ve brought it down to the terrace where I can enjoy it as I go about my chores.
The Heritage and Bonica rose bushes have a few flowers in bloom. At any other time they look their best when loaded in flowers but at this time of year, the minimal look feels all the more precious.
In the potager, the Swiss chard are going strong as are the collards. They will honor our meals until the temperatures plummet and does them in. I’m hoping this does not happen till December.
The vertical garden is continuing to look quite stunning. If only it was located such that I could place a seating area near it so one could admire it at length.

My rather large shipment of bulbs is due to arrive this week. Given the mild weather, I guess I’ll have to wait at least a couple of weeks before the planting marathon commences. The soil temperature is still way too warm. It needs to be 55 degrees and below for the bulbs to know not to start sprouting. Already my mind’s eye can envision the glorious blooms to come and my heart longs for that season.

With the asters and golden rods shining bright, the ornamental kale and cabbages prettying up the pots and the display of gourds and pumpkins serenading fall, the pansies, lone iris, vertical garden etc., are representing a whole other season. My garden is displaying a most wonderful split personality. I’m revelling in its humanness.

(Next week, I’ll go over the “rules” of planting bulbs.)

 I am participating in the Beaux Art show in  in White Plains, NY this week. Hope you can stop by!

White Plains:

16 Annual Art Exhibit
of the
Woman’s Club of White Plains
305 Ridgeway
White Plains, NY 10605

Wednesday October 19 2-5 p.m. Exhibit Viewing
Thursday October 20 2-5 p.m. Exhibit Viewing
7 p.m.-Artists’ Reception (open to the public)







Swiss chard

Swiss chard





(c) 2016 Shobha Vanchiswar

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