Garden Gazing

May is a big party. Flowers bursting forth everywhere, birds furiously foraging to feed their babies, bees determinedly dive bombing the blooms while butterflies resort to flirting instead. The sort of reward I wait for all year. For all the work and attention I provide there’s got to be some reciprocity right?! And I’m here for it.

On waking up each spring morning, I peer outside eager to take in the beauty that awaits. With every new wave of blooms, there’s an overwhelming sense of joy that is hard to contain. I spend my time gazing and gloating, taking hundreds of photos, inviting friends to come and see and then taking pleasure watching their reactions. It’s reason to celebrate.

Now that the big tasks of the season are completed, it is important to make time to revel in the garden. Tomorrow, a few artist friends are coming up from NYC and we’re all going to paint in the garden. It’s been a while since we got together so I’m very excited. Friends drawing inspiration together. Hopefully, there will also be some gossiping amidst all the gazing.

After the very hot and humid weekend, we are back to cooler temperatures – I can’t tell you how I relieved I am. It means the flowers will linger around longer in the garden. And so shall I.

Making the most of this time is crucial. In the depths of winter, it’s those recollections that sustain the spirit. It’s not the work we remember but the sheer joy of reveling in the beauty of the garden. There’s much satisfaction to be had in knowing one did not let the opportunity go wasted.

Note: A few images from this past week –

(c) 2022 Shobha Vanchiswar

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