Final stretch of 2023. With the weather getting colder and the garden put to bed, what is still there to do? Well, not so much if you’ve been diligent about doing things in a timely manner. Otherwise, here’s the nudge –

Things To Do In December

1. Hurry up and finish any pending plant protecting tasks! Ditto for statuary and other articles left outdoors.

2. Complete mulching all plants.

3. Drain out all outdoor water pipes. Store hoses properly.

4. Keep bird feeders filled.

5. Keep on top of watering plants in greenhouse and house. Stay vigilant for signs of pests or disease.

6. Set aside seed and plant catalogs for making plans for next year’s growing seasons.

7. Archive garden photos taken through this year. They will come in handy when you plan and design for next year.

8. Forage the garden to decorate the home for the festivities.

9. Enjoy paperwhites and amaryllis bulbs blooming indoors. Didn’t start any? Get some orchids instead. Long lasting, they will look fabulous right through the holidays.

10. Make use of this down time and relax!

Note: Some inspiration from past Decembers

(c) 2023 Shobha Vanchiswar

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