Flowering May

The pace in the garden has picked up by leaps and bounds. It feels as though the plants are all coming up at the same time. I sincerely hope not! The temperatures this week are projected to be unseasonably high so there’s no telling what will happen. The tulips are at their peak prettiness and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they will not succumb to the heat. I desperately want to enjoy them for a while longer.

The apple blossoms have joined the pears at the espalier fence. Their frothy exuberance is irresistible to the bees and I can’t be more pleased. In the meadow, just as the daffodils are waning, the ornithogalum have stepped forward. The white bells nodding sweetly are such good place holders for the drama of the alliums coming up soon.

With flowers unfurling everywhere, the birds have been busy. It sounds as though they’re mostly busy chattering but I know they’re focused on nest building and raising their young. The chandelier in the pergola has been comandeered once again by robins. Three turquoise blue eggs repose in a nest built from material found in the bin that holds garden waste headed for the compost heap. I notice dried leaves of brugamansia and papery flowers of hydrangea. All no doubt carefully selected by the discerning robins. I’m impressed.

This past weekend, as I went about our gardening chores, I was made acutely aware that my presence anywhere within a 3 foot radius of said nest was highly disapproved. I did my best to give space but the table under the chandelier is key to doing the potting up of small to medium plants, shaping the small topiaries and such. If only there was a way to assure the robins that I’d never harm their babies and would instead do my best to protect them.

Until eggs are hatched and babies are grown and flown, we will not be using this area for al fresco meals and gatherings. The birds have no idea how much they’ve inconvenienced us and nor do they care. We can empathize.

Sitting well away from the pergola and sipping a much needed cup of coffee I was given the pleasure of seeing my first hummingbird of the season. Only just a bit earlier I’d wondered if these tiny treasures had returned and if it was time to put up the feeders they enjoy so much. They have and it is.

I’m almost breathless keeping up with all the garden goings on. May begins tomorrow and the flowers are here. Lets hope Open Day on May 11 will be abundant with all the blessings for everyone to enjoy.

Glimpses of the garden right now –

(c) 2024 Shobha Vanchiswar

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