Rest And Review

I’m taking my cue from Nature and slowly easing into a state of rest. Not quite the sit back and put my feet up kind of rest – at least not yet. That comes later in late December into January. For now, I’m just taking long pauses to enjoy the last of autumn and think about this past growing season.

With most of the essential garden chores completed, these slow days are very welcome. It’s a golden opportunity to linger outside and take the time to access the garden at a leisurely pace.

With the bones of the garden clearly visible, it becomes apparent if something is amiss. What needs repair, refreshing or replacing can be easily determined. With myriad photographs to refer to, I then consider how the plants did – individually as well as in relation to its neighbors. Did everyone get along? Who were the prima donnas? Who didn’t meet expectations? Who exceeded expectations? Which members went rogue? Did colors , combinations and designs work out? What could be subtracted or added or changed? These are the questions I ask. I make notes.

This review is a sort of stock taking. No judgment, no excuses, no bias – a simple report card. I make a list of all my observances and those will be considered later in December when I am indeed on the couch, feet up, libation of choice in hand and preferably with a roaring fire near by.

Like Nature, I’m slowing my pace. From a fast Salsa I ease into a slow Waltz. The body and mind are ready for a respite of an unhurried, measured rhythm. In partnership with Earth herself, I too need the winter to rest and refresh.

Senescence in the garden –

(c) 2023 Shobha Vanchiswar

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